User interface improved

scheduling software interface
Yesterday we completed first stage of total makeover of our user interface. We've been gathering feedback from our users and most of them are happy with functionality of Ganttic but saying that Ganttic is hard to learn. Mostly because of cluttered interface. Just too many buttons and choices to make. So we worked out a plan to unclutter it. Completion of first stage means following improvements:

  • Instead of slightly shaded column of today we have now red line marking present moment in Gantt area
  • Small arrows for moving timerange back and forward are hidden on the slider. To bring it out hover your cursor on the left side of navigation tabs
  • Setting custom date range got much easier with picking start and end dates from calendars. Read more about this enhancement from our tour page
  • Picking the option for color coding your plan is just 2 clicks now. Top-left corner of screen has an icon of the colorwheel. Click on it and dropdown menu will allow you to choose a coloring option.
  • Filtering resource groups or projects does not require to open a special window any more. Type right into the filtering field (top-left of screen again) and you'll have a choice of resource groups or projects, containing letters you typed, displayed.
  • Taskbars got nicer design. Not so round any more.

Want to have a sneak peak about whats coming? Check out a screenshot below.