Timeline > Time and Other Default Settings

To set time settings:

  • On the top right corner of your planner, click on the cogwheel that is 'General Settings' icon 

Click the tabs on the left to adjust: 
  • Date and Time Format

  • Working Time
1. Toggle the switch to enable Business Days. Green = ON. Red = OFF
2. Set Business Hours
3. Select Visible Hours in chart. If your planner is solely for work, you could update the visible hours in chart to be from 8am to 6pm, or whatever business hours that you have
4. Hit 'Save'

  • Coloring
1. Select Non-working day color
2. Select Holiday color
3. Hit 'Save' 

  • Task Timing
1. Set default time interval. It determines if when creating a task, your task will snap to an all day, one hour period or snap to the nearest 15 minute interval.
2. Set default task timing: Green = Manual, Grey = Automatic. You can plan your tasks by start/end date, by duration or busy time and utilization. Manual parameters can be set in task pop-up window. 
3. Hit 'Save'

  • Dependencies
1. Toggle the switch to turn task dependencies on or off
2. Hit 'Save'

  • Taskbar
1. Toggle the switches to enable/disable. Selected info will be displayed on the taskbar
2. Hit 'Save'

  • Utilization 
1. Toggle the switch to enable/disable utilization graphs for resources
2. Hit 'Save'