A Point of "View"

Meet the most important feature in the Ganttic 5.0: the "View".
ganttic's view feature

As we mentioned in our last blog post, it was Ganttic's users who helped us build the new version of Ganttic. Granted all the little things - such as redesigning and developing everything from scratch - was done by us, the users' feedback had a big part to play in this. And even though no one asked for this feature per se, we added it regardless in hopes of making the life of Ganttic's eager users easier - so far the feedback's been positive!

A Visual Template. A Custom Profile. A Better way to get Organized.

Let's say you own a car that the other members of your family use too. And each time you sit behind the wheel you have to adjust your seat, the mirrors and the radio station, because the drumstep your offspring left playing is a bit too "fresh" for your taste. Pretty annoying, right? Time consuming too!
Car manufacturers have addressed this issue by installing a sort of a "save" button in the car, so when you get in, the car will automatically adjust your seat, the mirrors, what plays on the radio and so forth. 

The View-feature in Ganttic is exactly this! It's the "save" button for how you like your Ganttic to be. It's like a macro in Excel.

Using the View

It's simple as pie!
Select and modify the data you wish to see and on the right-side menu click "Save as new view". And you're done. Each time you want to see a specific View (with Ganttic showing the data just as you like), click on the View's name on top of the Gantt and choose the one you're interested in (illustration above). 
By default you only have your "Resource Group View" and "Project View", but you can create as many different Views as you like using and combining all sorts of data fields: dates, colors, data filters and even resource groups.

Here's an example...

Let's say you've colored your projects based on their importance: green being the least important, yellow indicating a project that's so-and-so and red stating that it's the most important project of them all. 
In terms of a period, you'd like to see what the day will bring, i.e. where should your focus be. Now, you could find the time to, each day, set the filters accordingly and find the relevant data, risking mistakes at the same time, or you could use the View feature.
In order to start running that View on a daily basis, you only have to use the filters once: what you wish to see (the project view), how should the projects be colored ("Color by projects") and the period ("current day"). After that simply click "Save as new view", name the View ("Project relevance", for example) and you're done: now each time you're interested in seeing your daily projects colored based on their relevance, you only have to click once.

Bottom line

The reason we implemented the "View" was to make the use of Ganttic more efficient. 
Many of our customers use Ganttic to do the same operations daily, weekly, monthly. And seeing as the only data that was changing were the details (names, dates, times, etc.) not the "big picture", implementing the "View" was an obvious choice. The "View" is a template for the "big picture" you wish to see.

The "View" more than a visual template. It's more then a custom profile. It's a better way to get organized. It's a better point of view to make your life in Ganttic better.

by George Zhordania