A Weekly Business Horoscope

As of this week, we'll start posting recreational Weekly Business Horoscopes right here on our blog. So either you work behind a desk, outside or on the go, if your success is important to you, you might want to keep an eye on us!


There is a sociable vibe at work that you might enjoy. It might help you connect with new colleagues who could be helpful in the future. As Mars moves through your business relationship sector, you may be eager to work on other your colleagues or just people's terms and consider their needs along with your own. Balance seems to be the key! Friday could be a lively day for an emotional boost and fun in general. However, a communication blip on Saturday could set you back unless you keep your options open.


You seem to be getting into the swing of things in your career, as this week's lineup brings plenty of activity and opportunities to push ahead. Inspired ideas could come out of the blue, especially if you've been hoping to complete a goal at work or take the next step on your career path. You might make more progress with intuition rather than logic. Friday could be excellent for meetings or discussions that offer a new slant on an ongoing issue, so make sure you don’t over book anything.


Professional creativity, inspiration, and curiosity might work together to bring some fascinating experiences your way in the days ahead. There's a focus on expanding your work horizons and generally moving outside your comfort zone that you might relish. This could involve traveling, taking a class to better yourself in something, maybe even publishing a book, or perhaps teaching subjects about something you know a lot about. When you take a step into the unknown, you may find you can do more than you had originally thought. It can give you the confidence to go even further and remove obstacles from your path.


Watch out for power struggles in your organization this week, especially in their initial stages. If you can discuss this or nip it in the bud now, you might be able to stave off a more complicated crisis. Issues associated with shared finances, birth, transformation, and personal secrets could be on your mind. You might have a chance to talk to a family member who can share something that might be a revelation. Understanding may bring a sense of relief and positive healing.


Business relationships seem to rock over the days ahead, with opportunities for a fun social life, new love, and mingling that can produce interesting results. Accept those personal or business invitations, as you never know where they may lead. A promising opening could come your way on Friday, when a discussion may lead to an idea and further involvement. However, if you're feeling put upon at work, this might be good time to take a stand.


You could be inspired to splurge on anything that can enhance your image and make you feel good. Investing in yourself might be one of the best things you can do, especially if it includes purchasing a gym membership or a new tool to help you in your professional life. A massage or beauty treatment, or re-evaluating your daily schedule could give you a tremendous boost of positive energy. You might be examining your diet and exercise routine and pondering some positive changes. This is the time to do it!


Your creative talents could peak this week, so bust out the art or craft materials at home or analyze your daily working schedule. Play music, dance, and have a ball - even at your workplace! You might also be drawn to seeing more movies than usual, or opt for a real entertainment extravaganza. You might be in the mood for love, especially at the start of the weekend, when a romantic offer might be too good to pass up.


You might feel like taking time out. With your home zone highlighted, this might mean relaxing and catching up with all that's happened lately, maybe even taking a look in your schedule and giving it a critical look. Take your feelings seriously. Use this opportunity to release any undesirable incidents and move on. You might also be motivated to do some home projects or decorating to give your place a fresh look for 2014. Don't rush to get back into socializing or your usual routines. You'll benefit by meditating, reflecting, and taking life slowly.


As Mars continues to glide through your social sector, you may enjoy getting involved in business or community projects, teamwork, and being a part of things, but make sure you schedule your time right - a miscalculation could end up in a big mess. There seems to be a real buzz in the air that you might find very stimulating. You may be doing a lot of communicating, connecting, keeping all the balls in the air, and loving it! There could be surprises and unexpected invitations that make things so worthwhile. Don't doubt yourself on Saturday - you can do it!


Thoughts about spending money, attracting money, and keeping the money you have could be very much on your mind this week. A focus on your personal financial zone suggests you may have some inspired ideas about how to earn extra cash. You might also be able to hunt down some fantastic bargains, particularly online. There's a chance of a contract or job that could enhance your income, giving you even more to play with. Regarding relationships - be prepared to compromise!


You could be in your element with a focus on your sign this week. This is an opportunity to get involved in deeply personal projects that have a creative and meaningful element. Plan ahead for ideas that contribute to your purpose and enhance the sense that you're on target. Expect synchronicities and coincidences to play a big part in your life over the coming days. If you pay attention to these and your intuition, you may find you're in the flow and doing great!


As the focus shifts to your spiritual zone, this is the time of year when it helps to slow down and take it easy. It's a chance to rest on all levels and do more meditation or reflection as a way to get in touch with your feelings and deeper thoughts. Even taking half an hour a day for this could make a big difference further down the line. You'll get a chance to prioritize your goals and spot potential mistakes before they happen.

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