Brand-New: Ganttic Get's a New Visual Identity

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If you have been using Ganttic for some time now, you already know we are about constant improvement. Since we started in 2002 we are now hitting puberty. Luckily, in our case, it doesn’t mean moodiness and slamming doors. Not even slow processing or bugs in the code or missing resources or projects. It’s something entirely else. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. We changed our look. And, ooooooh how did we change it! Don’t worry, you won’t see terrible bangs, a face covered with piercings or an outfit you wouldn’t even want to look at twice. Ganttic is a different kind of a teenager. Ganttic has a goal to be the best corporation level resource planning tool, and we knew we have to look the part to achieve that dream.

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Have you ever tried to solve a Rubic’s cube?

Of course you have! Have you ever tried or succeeded to manage a project or plan resources? If you are reading this post, the chances are, that you have. However, have you ever felt like solving a Rubik's cube, and planning for a project to succeed are somewhat similar? Well, we have. Maybe it’s because it’s so much easier to do both if you have a WiFi connection. More likely it’s because every piece has to be in its place to get it right. As we realized this, we knew our look had to stand for that, too. It had to be as simple as a Rubik's cube, and at the same time carry an equal amount of steadiness. So we came up with a concept that’s just that, and nothing more or less. Strong font, a grid, and boxes that symbolize tasks in Ganttic's planner. Everything in harmony. Everything in the right place.

tasks time resources

The sides you don't see

When you are holding a Rubik's cube in your hand, there are always at least two sides that you don’t see. If all of the sides facing you are in order, there is a chance that’s a case with the rest of the sides, too. But you can only be sure of it if you turn the Rubik's cube around. The same effect appears when you walk around in the office, and everyone seems to be working while all the machinery and tools and rooms seem to be part of that work. But to make sure that everything is in order on the part that you don’t see, you need a resource planning tool like Ganttic.

The overview you need

One of the thing that isn’t the same with Rubik's cubes and Ganttic is that you don’t really have to see all the sides of the cube to solve it. It helps, but there is no actual need when you know all the moves. However, you most certainly have to have a good overview of everything that’s going on in order to succeed in planning resources. That’s something Ganttic and Gantt charts have always been about, and it will always be that way. If you are someone that has to allocate resources among tens or even hundreds of projects, you know what we are talking about. You know how much an instant overview of all the tasks and resources is worth. And your team that’s not overbooked or overlooked thanks to it, knows it, too.

resource planning sogtware for the big an

New and cheesy 

Our new look won’t change who we are on the inside. We are teenagers, and we apologize for the cheesy ending of this post in advance, but as said before, we already know what we want, and we are on a steady road to achieving it. We will continue to grow better with each new feature and update. We will still listen to your needs, and make changes according to it. We will be there by your side with any questions that might come up, and watch as your company grows while planning your resources with Ganttic. For the big, and for the small that have the potential to be bigger.