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Ganttic Update | Part II: Collaborative High-Level Resource Planning

Ganttic Updates

This blog post is about the second part of this weeks’ update. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the first part to solve the mystery of what happened to the sidebar. 

Giving your team and the other stakeholders the right amount of information the key to more effective resource planning and communication. 

High-level resource planning might seem a part of project portfolio management that a manager can do without collaborating with others. It’s high-level planning, after all, there aren’t many details to confirm or discuss. In many organizations, that’s basically how it goes. The resource manager or the department manager is booking the resources they need using a resource planning tool to get an overview of resource allocation and utilization. The more detailed planning is done using the tool that the project managers prefer for their planning style and team. 

Nevertheless, like any other type of planning, high-level resource planning cannot be done without the input of others or without communicating the plans. Even when only team leaders are doing the planning, the plans must be shared with those that need to see them. The team members must see which projects they are booked with, the clients need to see the workflow and the important milestones. The resource planning meetings aren’t resource planning meetings without some Gantt charts.

With the second part of the update, we kept all of that in mind and created multiple additional ways for you to: 

  1. Make sure that the team members get enough information for them to manage their tasks. 
  2. Make sure that the other stakeholders would be up to date with everything that is going on with either the project portfolios and/or the projects.

Assigning views

Before the update, you only had two options: to create a public or a private view. The first was accessible for each and every one of the users of your Ganttic account, the second was only accessible for you.

Now, you can also assign views to specific users. You can choose whether they can use the view settings to either add filters or change other settings to their needs or liking. If you choose to lock the view settings, they can not make any changes other than navigating on the timeline. 

If you choose not to lock the views setting, the users can’t permanently overwrite the view settings you have chosen. However, they can make changes on the go. Meaning the changes cannot be saved and if the user is making changes to view settings, the settings won’t be changed for everyone. The users can still navigate on the timeline.

assigning resource planning views

How will it improve your workflow?

You can assign users with specific views with specific filters, coloring, resource groups, etc. Using the user rights settings, it’s possible to remove all the information that the user does not need and show them only the things they need to see. Less information equals a lesser chance for information overload and getting stuck since there is too much going on.

Sharing views

It never stops with the team, does it? There’s always a need to share the plans with the clients, the upper management, the contractors or other stakeholders. Instead of printing out the Gantt chart view, you can now share the views with a link.

Here, the only option for the stakeholders is to navigate the timeline. They can’t use the view settings. Nevertheless, make sure you are filtering out the things that they don’t need to see.

You must select an expiration date for the link before sharing it. If you make any changes to the plan before the expiration date, the shared plan will be updated as well.

sharing resource planning views gantt charts

How will it improve your workflow?

For example, if you share the resource schedule with the client, they can check the progress without sending emails endlessly back and forth. If you share the view with the upper management, you can easily discuss everything that’s going on with the project portfolios without printing anything out or without a detailed brief. If you need to discuss a resource conflict with another manager, you can send them a link beforehand with the problem in focus.

User rights settings

Sharing views and user rights settings go hand-in-hand. As it has always been, administrators can see and edit everything. However, for users, the views they see also depend on user rights.

You can assign the views that the user can see when adding the user to Ganttic or when adding a new view. You can also assign existing views to existing users. You can restrict the user from seeing public views. You can also restrict them from creating private views or from editing view settings altogether.

assigning users with specific views

Sharing project views

If you want to get more specific, you can also share single project views with links. If you click the sharing icon in the corner of the project view, you can edit the project view for sharing. You can edit the settings to hide some aspects that you don’t want to be shared (for example, you can hide the tasks that are connected to other projects). And then, you can share the project as a link. 

sharing projects gantt charts

How will it improve your workflow?

You can share a specific project with the concerned parties. Similarly to sharing views, you can improve both project management and project portfolio management related communication by sharing projects.

This blog post is about the second part of this weeks’ update, make sure to read the first part before you get back to planning resources. 

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