Does Your Business Need Resource Planning?

Categories: Resource Planning
Proper resource planning and scheduling can save your business a big amount of money and time. Starting with it does not require thousands of dollars neither weeks of complicated software implementation. In my previous post ( I wrote about the difference of project management and resource planning and doubted, if all organizations utilizing PM tools actually need them. Today I would like to analyze the benefits of resource planning more thoroughly. 

First - what is a resource?
A resource is someone or something you need, to execute your daily business operations. You probably have human resources and non-human resources like facilities, equipment, vehicles and more. 

Why do you need to plan and schedule resources?
Because your resources are the main cost bearers in your business. Payroll + taxes, rent (or depreciation if you own your buildings), leasing payments for equipment or vehicles form a big part of your costs. Keeping those costs down reflects nicely in your profit-loss report. 

How can resource planning and scheduling keep your costs down?
The answer is very simple - each resource has a number of hours utilized for your business. Some of those hours can be spent standing idle for a upcoming job or playing Angry Birds during work time. Even more, you can eliminate those hours, more will be spent for actual work. Often these idle hours are the result of poor planning and scheduling. If scheduling is poor because of usage of wrong tools (spreadsheets, paper wall charts, to-do lists etc) then Ganttic offers a very quick and affordable solution - visual schedules online accessible to your whole team. Ganttic also syncs with Google Calendar so your team can keep itself updated by checking the calendar app on their pocket devices. Try it out today. Trialling it has no obligations and takes just minutes.