Free Gantt chart? Yes!

Categories: Resource Planning
We often get asked, what's the cheapest plan you have to offer. Our cheapest plan costs nothing. It often seems, that free stuff is somewhat 'cheap' - not in the sense of the price, but by the looks, features and the overall 'feel' of the software... Luckily, that's not always the case.
If you were to 'google' "free Gantt chart", you might find a lot of different solutions from online widgets to enterprise-sized softwares you have to download and install on your machine. The latter, it seems, has lived out it's usefulness, as cloud-based software solutions roam the planet (and the web). The argument that "downloaded software is safer" is no longer a real argument. Have you recently taken a look what the some of the 'titans' of internet security are doing? It's absolutely amazing! So needless to say, your data is safe.

Different kind of pricing

In project management, pricing is usually based on the number of either projects or users, sometimes tasks - have you noticed this?
So for the sake of a little variety (and a more user-friendly approach), I think Ganttic is so far the only software provider who's pricing is based on the number of resources, i.e. you can have an unlimited number of users, projects and even tasks, but if you play your cards right and utilize your resources to the max, you can use Ganttic for free indefinitely.
Keeping that in mind, if you have only a few resources (equipment, people, rooms, etc.) you need to manage, but a lot of people who need to have a bird's eye view or you are just interested in utilizing your few resources to the max, this could be our cup of tea.

Limitations, limitations, limitations

There's a nice saying: "Nothing is free! It's only a question of who's paying for it."
Nowadays "free" usually means getting a lot of advertisements. Or not having access to most of the features a paid version of the software has to offer.

When browsing different free options, make sure that the features are not limited to a minimum, because that won't actually give you the feel for the service offered. "Trial" is just another word for wasting your time, so before you actually start any trials, make sure you know what you're getting into.