Ganttic Gets Even Better with New Pricing

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One and half years ago, Ganttic exited the beta stage and introduced resource based pricing. Since our approach to planning and scheduling is very unique, we thought our pricing model should also be unique. Purchasing just as many resources as you needed (like buying apples from the market, etc.) seemed like a good idea, and we did get some positive feedback on our resource based pricing. But a SaaS application can’t be great for users and remain successful without excellent pricing, and we’ve realized now that our old pricing model was flexible but not intuitive enough for you. So, you now have 3 new subscription packages - PRO 20, PRO 50 and PRO 150 that allow you more flexibility and offer you the option of a reduced per resource price as well.

         The PRO 20 package is $25/mo and allows you unlimited scheduling of up to 20 resources with unlimited projects. PRO 50 costs just $49/mo for 50 resources. PRO 150 allows 150 resources for $99/mo. And yes, you still have the the option to buy additional resources in custom quantities too!

         You also have a new upgraded account page to make it more intuitive and easy for you to choose payment between USD or Euro.

         To find out more, just visit Want to change your current subscription? Go to (you’ll need to be the account administrator to access your account page).

New pricing is available from 21st of June 2012.

Sincerely yours,
The Ganttic Team