Is Ganttic a Resource Calendar?

Categories: Resource Planning, Task Scheduling
Ganttic is good for scheduling many kinds of resources like people, facilities, vehicles, jobs, equipment, and projects. We're struggling here to find a good definition what Ganttic really is. One is sure - Ganttic is a hell of a good RESOURCE CALENDAR.

Why should anyone need a resource calendar?

Successfully completed projects bring money in. Poorly managed resources take money out. Ganttic has combined resource scheduling and project management in one handy application. Users of Ganttic can manage their resources visually and see their allocation or by resource groups or by projects.

You can create resource schedules as simple drawings for easy resource planning. System will turn them into manageable data, but you still manage it on your simple drawing. It lowers significantly time and cost for implementation.

Ganttic solves the resource management problems and therefore improves the efficiency of resource usage. Resources like staff members, production lines, vehicles, facilities etc. are the main bearers of costs. Therefore their careful managing is crucial for any business. It would be impossible to run an organization, if you did not know when employees would be on vacation, leave or what shifts they were working.

Organizations should create shared resource calendars to manage a resource pool. A resource pool makes it easier to administer people, equipment or facilities assigned to tasks, in more than one project file.

Calendars can be particularly helpful to global organizations. A resource calendar can include regional availability. Using automation to manage this aspect facilitates the process. For example, an organization could simply define the days that are considered holidays. The holidays could be grouped into a set, such as Australian Holidays. If the organization also had offices in Europe, a holiday set could be created for that region as well. This expedites the planning process as information is easily accessed across the organization.

Ganttic is for businesses managing multiple resources. Service providers, software companiesmanufacturers, design agenciescar/equipment/facilities rentals, translator bureaus, educational institutes, architect firms, hotels, construction companies and more.

Free account and drag & drop simplicity will guarantee a popularity of our resource calendar. Businesses are picking it up fast. And we're happy :)

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