Ganttic's Weekly Business Horoscope

Yet another week has begun. Be up to date and ahead of the game.


Don't fight any delays and frustrations encountered at the start of the week because you might want to save your energy for later when there's professional fun to be had. Take any problems on the chin, as Valentine's Day on Friday promises to be a sizzling occasion, both professionally and personally. A Full Moon in Leo makes this a time of romantic gestures and super-hot chemistry. Anything could happen! Later, old friends or colleagues could come back into the fold. You might consider a reunion as a way to connect and catch up.


Business lunch with a friend brings good conversation plus a few ideas worth considering. However, when it comes to personal goals and career, an unconventional approach might work best. This being Valentine's week, there's a sensational atmosphere building in your home sector. This is your opportunity to spend quality time in private with your sweetheart. Allow your sensual side to emerge and enjoy this chance for intimacy and sharing. Later, an offer you missed could come around again. It's time to grab it!


You won't be happy if someone in your organization tries to pin you down at the start of the week. Professional freedom might be your mantra, but you have tasks or chores to deal with and need to get those out of the way first. Once they're done, the rest of the week looks delightful. Valentine's Day could be an extra special occasion because a Full Moon in Leo highlights a sassy social theme. There's also an urge to expand your work horizons, perhaps through study or travel.


Innovative ideas are powerful, and perhaps this is one time when you should listen. What you hear and pay attention to could lead to a change of direction, perhaps for the better, so if you have been postponing something, now's the time to act. When it comes to Valentine's Day, your generosity may know no bounds. A Full Moon in Leo might encourage you to splurge on your sweetheart as a way to show how much you care. On another note, you might want to spend money on your home or office to give it a cozy, harmonious vibe.


Discord in your organization is possible early in the week, but don't let minor frustrations keep you from enjoying the days ahead. With a Full Moon in your sign on Valentine's Day, you could be in your element. For you, this yearly lovefest could highlight your use of dramatic gesture along with a potential for declarations of romantic feelings. Your professional life seems particularly buoyant, with plenty of opportunities to network with folks on your wavelength. Someone in your organization could have a surprise for you!


As Mercury rewinds into your work and lifestyle sector, stay on your guard against malfunctioning computers or other equipment, especially if you have deadlines to meet or important deals to sign. Give yourself leeway in case of any problems. Later, Valentine's Day might be something you'll want to celebrate in a secret and very personal way. A Full Moon in your spiritual sector spotlights a desire for privacy and the chance for just the two of you to kick back and enjoy a little intimacy.


Romance could bring disappointment early on, so have a plan you can fall back on. Don't let a minor frustration at the work place spoil the days ahead, however, especially as Valentine's Day looks to be such a special occasion. The Full Moon in fiery Leo hints at passion and intensity, as well as the possibility of grand gestures by colleagues. If you're out and about as a party, this could be an evening you won't forget in a hurry. The rest of the week is fun, but this could be the high point!


Even though you want things to be perfect, especially at work, try not to set the bar too high early. You could leave yourself open to disappointment. However, as this is Valentine's week, a powerful Full Moon in Leo suggests that you could be the center of attention. Whether you're out and about with friends or having fun at your place, you seem to ooze charm and sexiness, suggesting that you won't be short of company for long.


You may feel touched by someone's plight and moved to help with a charitable demonstration. Putting yourself in this colleagues's shoes could give you insight into his or her life, encouraging you to help in any way you can. Later, you will love Valentine's Day whether you're single or in a long-term relationship. The Full Moon sizzles in Leo, bringing opportunities for a love adventure that you're unlikely to forget in a hurry. Later, an old pal or flame might walk back into your life.


Be patient could be your motto this week, especially as rash words or unpremeditated actions in your organization could have consequences. This is so unlike you, yet a moment of madness could cause upset if you aren't careful. Later, you will respond to Valentine's Day with an intensity that delights your business partner or sweetheart. The Full Moon could bring out the animal within, paving the way for an evening or night of passion and fun. On another note, finances might need careful handling.


This week resist the temptation to deplete resources that may not be entirely your own. The more you keep track of the details of your finances and time, the easier it will be to navigate through the days ahead. Planning is everything! Valentine's Day could be rather special this year, as a Full Moon has all the hallmarks of sexiness and passion. Whether you're with a partner or latest lover, there will be plenty to delight. There is also a very sociable aspect to the week ahead, which could bring a new friendship your way.


You may want to feel part of something bigger than yourself or your organization, but be careful to choose your causes wisely - this week it's better to grow disenchanted than be misled. As Mercury rewinds, a certain matter could leave you feeling perplexed. You could be in your element as Valentine's Day comes around again, as the Full Moon in Leo demands a romantic occasion with all the trimmings. Whatever you do, the stars reveal that you could have a day to remember.

*illustrations thanks to charmsoflight
**horoscope material thanks to my.horoscope