How Successful People Work Less & Get More Done (Infographic)

Categories: Management Tips
We knew that planning with Ganttic couldn't be the only thing that helps you do get more done while actually working less. The guys at Blogtrepreneur actually found seven things in addition to our resource planning software. That means there is only one thing to remember for each day of the week. Our personal favorite is definitely the fourth one!

1. Disconnect In Order To Reconnect

Either disconnect from your work email over the weekend or set a short period of time to check it. Spend your time connecting with friends or family and enjoying your hobbies.

2. Create An 80/20 Rule

Create a daily work schedule that allows you to spend 80% of your time on the most important tasks and 20% on the necessary menial tasks.

3. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Successful people have countless demands on their time. Know what it is that you want to accomplish and be willing to say no to other projects if you have to.

4. Work Out Your Body And Brain

Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy. Read something interesting every day.

5. Prepare For Each Day

Plan and prioritize by making a list of the most essential tasks you need to complete each day.

6. Use Shorts Bursts Of Energy

Use techniques like the Pomodoro Technique to manage your energy and focus. Breaking up your work day in short work segments will keep you feeling energized.

7. Reflect On Your Work

Set aside time during your week to reflect on yourself and your work. Reflection gives you the opportunity to see what has been working and what hasn’t.