MMXIV: Our Resolutions for 2014

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Like we do in our personal lives, we also like to make New Year's resolutions within our businesses as well. Ganttic is no different.

A new year is always like a fresh start. A new beginning not yet tarnished by everyday mistakes. A time of hope when most of us like to reset our inner clocks and boldly embrace yet another year, taking a dive into the (relatively) unknown.

Because of this mentality, we like to make resolutions. Promises to ourselves, and others, that whatever happens, I will…
It’s a way of motivating ourselves and others that whatever happens, this year will be better. And needless to say, we often get carried away. 

For example: how did you do last year?

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, it’s safe to say, one should be rather modest than bold. For this reason (and several other small reasons) we give you our two new years resolutions.

Resolution #1: a New Version of Ganttic

The one’s who have been paying attention to us on social media have probably noticed, that we are working on something big: a new version of Ganttic. Besides being written in a totally different language (HTML5 as opposed to Flash it’s running on now), it will have all kinds of nifty features making the use even more intuitive and fluent. A better user experience. To be sure all aspects of a great user experience have been brought out and none left unnoticed, we’ve even hired some extra muscle. People, to give you a fresh perspective on things. You know how it is: if you work on something long enough, you’ll eventually lose the ability to think critically and see the problems that to an outsider are so obvious.

Resolution #2: a Clearer Communication

Yes, it’s an age-old promise, but to assure you that we mean business and this is just not words, we’ve already taken big steps towards making the B2C interaction better. For this, we even hired George and so far, things are looking better than ever. At the same time it’s important to emphasize, that George has not yet been working on his full capacity…

We do recommend you keep an eye on us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+). We’re not too big on newsletters, so it’s safe to say - if you’re following us on any of the networks mentioned before, you won’t have to be afraid of being left behind. News about our newest blog posts is also communicated via social media and if you have been disappointed in our blog so far, don’t worry: we will definitely aim at creating more interesting articles.

Other than that, our team at Ganttic wishes you a very productive and good year, and may all your resolutions be met!

By Indrek Kuldkepp