New Feature: Ganttic Becomes Your Personal Reporting Assistant

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There is a new someone at your office. Someone you didn’t hire but you still love the fact that they are around. They don’t need any additional attention or training and they are doing something that has to be done. Ain’t that wonderful?


By now you have probably gotten to know and love Ganttic’s reports which let you report and track basically any data you have in our planner. That someone new is going to do reporting in our software for you. Because, this time, we have waved our magic coding wand, and made reporting with Ganttic smoother than ever before.

Saving Clicks with Automation

So we made you do one more click than usual when we stopped displaying reports automatically. Well, now we are saving you definitely more than one click. We are probably saving you an hour per week. How are we going to do that and how is it connected to reporting? Simple. With this post, we are introducing automatic reporting.

Report to the Upper Management

We are actually introducing reports that go beyond our resource planner. Meaning the reports can be automatically sent to anyone that needs to see them via email even if they aren't a user in Ganttic. The reports can be sent as CSV, PDF or XLS file.

How to Set up the Reports

So, how is this automatic reporting business going to happen? First, you have to choose the fields you want in the report, as usual. Then, you are going to click on the save icon, again, as usual. After that, you should click on the envelope icon next to the save button. Doing so, the recurring report dialog will open:

automatic reports

From there on, everything should be quite self-explanatory. You can choose the frequency of the report, you can choose when it will be sent. As said before, you can choose the format in which it will be sent, and to whom. The recipients have to be entered one by one and they will have to confirm whether or not they want to receive the report. If the recipients have confirmed that they want to receive the report "Not confirmed" will disappear next to their email address. If you have chosen the preferred settings, and you want the report to be active, select "Active", and then just click on save.

Stop Wasting Time

This update will be an enormous time-saver for you if you have to continuously report to upper management or even if you want your team to be updated during your usual weekly meeting or need the reports for yourself. You can set up several recurring reports with different data fields and frequencies. So report away!

Do you think this new feature will make your life easier? What more can be improved regarding Ganttic's reports?