New Major Release is Live!

Categories: Ganttic Updates
12 of January we launched the revamped Gantt chart area, gave the new look to taskbars and introduced new filtering and navigation options. Just week later, on 19th of January we completed second step of our user interface “total makeover”. This one changed the left sidebar and replaced several ADD buttons with just one. The main goal of those two releases were to unclutter the interface and ease the navigation. We have got  just good feedback from our users about these changes. Now we are coming out with the last release in UI series.

How the user will benefit from new release:
  • Choose between simple layout where all data windows appear as pop-ups or advanced layout where data windows are stacked on left side of screen
  • Add URLs to tasks and projects. Creates possibility to link documents like budgets, plans, drawings etc. Also web pages and other files. NB! It does not upload any files to our servers.
  • Create a new project while creating a task. It used to be a hassle when you created a new task and wanted to assign it to a project what did not exist yet. So you had to go to project view, create it and back to task view to assign task to newly created project. Now you can click on the button next to project field and a pop-up appears to create a new project
  • Copy tasks. Instead of manually creating a new task identical to an old one, just press ‘Save as copy’ button and new task with same data will be created
  • Improved comments and history. You can choose if you want to see only history logs or just comments. Basically we have created a task/project "Twitter" functionality. Users can add comments to projects and tasks which will be listed in comments timeline. Makes it easy to follow the discussion about projects or tasks.
  • Printing the gantt chart is faster and better. Old version used to print just the visible area of gantt chart. New one prints it all.
  • We have now better help documentation. Still far from perfect, but basic functionality is covered and illustrated with lots of screenshots. You can download it from here.

As with all new software releases, ours might have some bugs in it. We are very grateful if you let us know about any shortcomings or malfunctions by dropping us a line at 

Have a great planning experience with GANTTIC v3.1 !