Not Just Quality, But Quantity

In this day and age when software technologies are booming and pretty much taking over our world, there are a lot of new inventions and ways of doing things. Replacements are constantly being set forth to improve efficiency and quality of work. The same goes for resource management softwares - it is a tool that eliminates redundant labour and improves resource utlization transparency across all fronts.

Ganttic is great for not just improving the quality of work, but it is also a software that can handle a large amount of data. A large amount of resources, tasks, projects and users data would need powerful mechanism and development to help process them, load them in time and use them without a flinch.

All of our free and paid plans include unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, unlimited users and unlimited reports. As long as your account is active, we host your plans up to 20 years! All of our features are designed to accommodate a large amount of data. Click to read more in our help desk to learn how you can group, filter, expand, collapse and sort your data in a fast and easy way.

Our Help Desk

If you belong to a multi-location or multi-department company and would like to manage your resources in a more effective way, sign up for Ganttic for a free 14-day unlimited trial. 

Author: Patricia Goh