Project Plan vs Resource Plan

Categories: Resource Planning
Traditional project planning techniques have been around for a while and in many cases, they still work fine. Still, not all organizations having project-based operations don't use them. Why?

One possible reason for it is the fact that traditional project planning methods assume that you are dealing with one project at the time and your resource pool is unlimited. Often it is vice versa - you have to handle dozens of small projects and you're tight on resources to get everything done on time and budget.

For example, a web design agency producing 20 websites per month. They might have a team of 12 to do it. Doing one site at the time means that they have just one working day for building one website. That's not realistic. How to handle those projects then while making sure that everyone is working on the right tasks at the right time? 

The solution is clever resource planning mixed with project planning.

Written by Indrek Kuldkepp