Project View Updated

Categories: Ganttic Updates
We're happy to announce that Ganttic got updated and some useful features added. Besides a number of little tweaks and bug fixes two major features were carried out - editable project view and option to choose a template when creating new account. 
Project view used to function more like a report. You could just get an overview of your planned tasks grouped by project. Task bars could not be rearranged in project view. Well, now you can. No more confusing dual view! Just drag & drop task bars same way as you do it in resource view.

Templates are handy for new users. After signing up, you’ll be prompted to pick a project template. This provides you with a task-specific template pre-filled with some data that helps to give you an idea of what the tool can do. There are templates for project management, hotel booking, equipment rental, team scheduling, production planning and construction works.