Resource Planning

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 Why should you care and learn about it? Everyone understands the importance of planning. For planning your personal stuff there are a wide variety of tools available: Outlook calendar, paper calendars, a bunch of web-based calendar apps. All work well for personal planning.

What is the alternative for organizations? Ganttic is solving one of the most common unsolved problems in any business — how to manage limited resources in the most efficient way?

Resource planning? This is for huge manufacturing companies only. Well, no. Actually, resource planning is part of most businesses everyday life.

The tough economic situation around us makes us observe our costs harder every day. Resources used in companies are actual drivers for costs and revenues. Workers waiting for materials, double booked delivery truck, just in the very moment occupied meeting room - You'll see this kind of problems in nearly every company. These problems are acc epted as part of everyday life and most company directors never pay full attention to them.

How many of your resources (staff, equipment, production lines etc.) are utilized 100%? Do you know? If most of them were, your company would be super-successful. Ganttic can help you to see and plan your resources in a simple, visual way. Try it out by signing up for a free account here. Happy planning!