Resource Planning and Non-Profit Organizations

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Unfortunately, all non-profit organizations lack two very important things -- money and time.  You don't have the money to hire extra people, to foot the bills when things go past the scheduled completed date, or to deal with surprises.  You also don't have time to waste.  After all, the more time you lose, the less good you can do!

So, aside from stumbling on a Fairy Godmother, what's the solution?

Resource planning!

Taking advantage of it is as simple as getting our web based program.  You won't have to hire a team of schedulers or IT professionals to use it (you won't even have to worry about spending a whole lot of money on the software!)Instead, you'll simply get a bird's eye view of your non-profit projects, from start to finish.

And, even if you're not a computer whiz, that's OK.  This stuff is really easy to use.  If you can point, click, and drag, you can use it!

But how will it help you?

When you've got a solid resource planning tool, you can:

-  Look more professional to donors and volunteers.  After all, when you're trying to get people to share their money or time, you have to let them know that it's going to a place that's making the most out of it!

-  Make it easier for people to pitch in and spend time helping your cause.  With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can add more volunteers to a certain shift or a certain event. 

-  Make sure everything is covered.  When you run a non-profit, it seems like there's always another detail to deal with.  But with resource planning tools, you'll have an easy way to see if all your bases are covered.

Affordable, easy to use, and great for your image -- does it get any better than that for your non-profit organization?

By Indrek Kuldkepp