Resource Planning Software That Can Do It All

Categories: Resource Planning, Task Scheduling

If you have to plan resources on a daily basis, it can get a bit tedious. Making sure that the communication plan is being followed and the information you have is sufficient. Allocating resources and then reallocating them while trying to make the right decisions for your project portfolio. Everything according to the priorities. Taking every manager's needs into account. Some days, you daydream about a kind of a superhero. The most boring kind of superhero out there. The kind, that would do the annoying parts of it for you. The Resourceman? The Super Planning Woman? The Software? The last one sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it? So join me on a daydream. A daydream about a resource planning software that can do it all.


Tracking task progress can be quite a challenge since each of your team members should log in to the planner right after they complete a task and take on a new one. Now, in theory, it doesn’t sound like much of a struggle. Still, there are times when what’s really happening and the things you see in the resource planning software aren’t quite the same. Changing task status can slip your mind since it’s such an easy thing to do. It can be forgotten since you haven’t made a habit of it. It can escape your memory because there’s so much else you have to do. However, not knowing the status of the tasks can easily turn your well-thought-out plans into a boiling pot of stew. It might seem like you need to reallocate resource when you don’t or vice versa. It might seem like there’s a delay when there isn’t. The report that you sent out to the stakeholders about the milestones reached might be just plain wrong. To avoid all that, the resource scheduling software that can do it all should swoop in. It should like an angel descending from a cloud. It should feel that you are suffering and there isn’t much patience left until you’ll tell someone off. And then, without you even realizing it, the status which you see in the resource planning software would be what it actually is.


Continuing on the same subject, you know that estimating task duration can be somewhat of a wild goose chase that’s sometimes making you wish you could just employ a fortune-teller. But you don’t have to since you are in the process of imagining a software that would do it for you. There’s always something you are missing. Something totally unexpected. Or you are planning a totally new task. Nevertheless, estimating task duration is an essential skill for every project portfolio manager. It’s the skill that delivers resources plans that actually work.  Wouldn’t it be great if your resource planning software would just know how much time task should take? Without you making any calculations. Without you studying the history of the task. Without anyone having to track the actual time it took to complete the task. Without having a fortune-teller on the payroll. Just a boring superhero. With an annual fee.

What’s even better, since the super software would such an immaculate planning assistant, there wouldn’t be a need for resource allocation. Aah, a world without resource allocation. That sounds like a dream. Although it often seems that some managers already have acquired the skill of making plans that they never need to optimize, it would be still great if it was actually true and not just wishful thinking.


If you have to schedule more than 10 resources, you already know the struggles I’m going to talk about next. It’s great that there are resource planning tools out there that allow you to filter and group resources to make it easier to find the resources you need. You know what’s not great? The fact that there isn’t a resource planning tool out there that would do the groundwork for you. A resource planning software that would assign groups to your resources. Not just the department but also the location, the skills, the language, the type and all the other things you are using to group your resources by. Where there’s a need, there’s the Software. Just when you are preparing that bulk import file, it would appear. It would nudge you off from your comfy office chair. It would tell you to go make a coffee for yourself. You would go. Maybe you would even run screaming because something extraterrestrial just told you to make a hot beverage. However, after a while, you decide to return to your table. Maybe with police. Maybe with Ghostbusters. You would see that all of the custom data fields have values. You were saved by the Software. The software that can do it all.

But seriously. What is the one thing you wish your resource planning software would do for you?