Resource Planning Software: Why Managers Choose Ganttic

Categories: Resource Planning, Project Portfolio Management, Management Tips
There are hundreds of Gantt chart resource planning tools out there. We are sure that whatever your need are - you’ll find a software that will meet them. Ganttic isn’t right for everyone. There isn’t a tool in the project management or resource planning scenery that would be right for everyone. Nevertheless, Ganttic might just be the one for you. Our happy customers have had their say in what they like about our resource scheduling tool. Of all of the features mentioned, we drew up a list with top 10 reasons that have lead to managers choosing Ganttic for resource planning. 

  1. Forecasting resource allocation. Since you have to overview, forecasting resource allocation is easy and you can effortlessly move tasks from one resource to another if needed.
  2. Reporting and printing out the Gantt chart. You can export a document that can be shared out to other teams within your group.
  3. Plans update real-time. You can make changes during meetings and see them appear immediately. It’s the same when you have multiple project managers planning for different projects with the same resource pool. There will be fewer messes. Good alternative for Excel since you don't have to share the spreadsheets and all your plans are in one place. 
  4. It’s a visual tool. With one glimpse, you can see if a resource is double booked, free or has just enough tasks. If you work out a good task and project coloring system, tracking task or project progress, different types of tasks, recognizing projects etc, will be a breeze, too.
  5. It’s web-based. No need to have a software like MS Project installed. Anyone can access it across devices. That being mentioned, it still reminds you your Excel workbook. It's just easier to use. 
  6. Google Calendar synchronization. Ganttic features two-way Google Calendar sync. Schedules made in Ganttic aren’t only for Ganttic. If your company is highly invested in the Google's drive but Google Calendar itself is too basic for your planning needs. 
  7. The big picture. You’ll have a tool that’s reliable and will give you a big-picture perspective on your projects’ progress. All your resources' tasks will be on separate lines, you can add deadlines and milestones, and keep an eye on concurrent tasks
  8. Basics of the planner are simple. You don’t have to waste a ton of time to train your team. To add tasks, you can just drag and drop.
  9. Utilization tracking. After adding a new task, our software instantly shows you resources' capacity utilization. It’s great for prioritizing if your resources’ have to work on multiple tasks at the same time.
  10. Your plans are as detailed as you want them to be. You can use custom data fields to share any kind of information with your team. You can develop a custom coloring system. You can report, and analyze, and reallocate, and optimize. Or you can just drag and drop tasks to your resources.

To conclude it all, if you are looking for a simple visual resource planning software that is web-based and with Google Calendar sync, makes resource allocation across projects easy, has a good built-in reporting system, gives you the big picture and the details, and features capacity utilization tracking, Ganttic is the one that you are looking for.