Ways to Find the Right Person For the Right Job

Categories: Management Tips, Task Scheduling
With observation, one can easily tell when a task has been assigned to the wrong resource. A wrong resource on the task is equivalent to assigning a doctor to cook in a restaurant, using a hammer to mow a lawn, or planning a party in a library.
There’s a better, easier and more appropriate way of achieving your goal. The right candidate for the job would have the qualifications, experience, and suitability to match the job requirements. Like how a lawn mower is built for mowing a lawn, a suitable candidate speeds up the work progress and achieves the best possible results in less time and with less effort.

Paving a well-trodden path to better efficiency and increased productivity is easier said than done. Going beyond basic task scheduling, it all boils down to having a good understanding of each resources’ skill sets and their availability, to match the expertise and time sold to your clients. With people, it tends to be convenient to ask for their opinion on what type of areas are they stronger in and what kind of work motivates and inspires them. Not only will this stimulate a happier work environment, your staff’s strengths are not stifled. An early and accurate estimation of your resources’ strengths and availability gives you time allowance to identify what is lacking and prepare for what is needed. To top it off, knowing what lies before your company is useful for estimating the growth and development in the near future.

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So are you fully utilizing everyone’s skills in your company or are you always turning to the few top performers? A balanced distribution of tasks among resources is inevitable for long-term success and stability. So this is where visibility comes in. At one glance, understand how many resources you have, what each of them is doing now, what each of them have planned, what they have done, what skills do they have, when will they be available to take on more work, compare the total hours that they have worked, who is overworking and more. Based on this information, assign the most suitable person to the job. To achieve this, integrate a resource planning platform to your management process so that all that keeping track does not have to happen manually.

Resource information is useless if it’s not used to a company’s advantage. In Ganttic, you can view and sort resources and tasks, then assign incoming tasks to the resources as required. Every industry out there values efficiency and speed and that is precisely what resource planning tools are here for. Task assignment will come easier with the implementation of all of the above mentioned.

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Author: Patricia Goh