Simple, High Efficiency Planning

Categories: Resource Planning
As we’ve pointed out in our previous posts, planning and managing resources is common sense, but then there are several different approaches to do it.
Spreadsheets vs apps
For obvious reasons, I’m an app person. Coming from the world of cybernetics, I’ve enjoyed my share of spreadsheets and in a word - spreadsheets rock! The endless number of functions and possibilities spreadsheets offer is astounding, and can never come even close to what any app can offer.

Regardless, spreadsheets are not the best tool for planning. I do agree that spreadsheets are great for various types of analysis and different ‘what if’ scenarios in terms of predicting the future, but as a separate and single tool used just for planning, it comes way short. Why?

There is a nice saying: if something’s good for everything, it’s good for nothing.
The reason I prefer namely apps for planning lies in the fact, that the best apps work exactly like they are supposed to, i.e. they serve their purpose, so yes: I prefer apps to do everything. As apps are designed to do specialized tasks, the whole concept, design and user interface are fully thought through, thus making your efforts, using the app, more efficient and raising productivity. Spreadsheets offer that too, but they also need a lot of preparation. Apps don’t.

Apps VS apps
The process of choosing a proper app is - in my opinion - higher mathematics. Indeed, the number of similar applications out there is astronomical, to say the least, so the quantity is no question. The quality, however, is.
When choosing an app for planning, you should keep in mind the things we pointed out in our previous article, but the golden rule of choosing the app is: know what you want, but stay realistic at the same time! By making a list of features your future tool (app) should have, you eliminate the chance of wasting your time.

It’s not about the tools

Well, it’s really not! It’s all about how you plan your work processes and how you use the app. It’s like I always say: app’s there only to help, not do everything for you.