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Ganttic Update | Set it and Don't Forget it—Notifications & Reminders

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Often, resource planning is a multi-level process. The sales department is making forecasts based on the current resource schedule to prepare proposals for new projects. After being assigned to projects, the project managers do the initial resource allocation or build the work breakdown structure without assigning the tasks to resources. Once the tasks are assigned, the general resources manager has to make sure that resource utilization is optimal across the board and make changes when needed. Even after that, changes will be made to the schedule over time.  To keep up with the whole resource management process, one constantly needs to check the schedule to get an overview. Even attending weekly resource planning meetings might not be enough to stay in the loop. For a manager, who has to make sure their team can do what they do best, it's an inevitable part of the job. However, for a team member, who is mostly concerned with their own schedule and how the workflow is intertwined with others, constantly checking the schedule might be too much of a hassle.  The updateThis is why we are introducing reminders and notifications for resources. You will receive the alerts that you have set up via email. Both - reminders and notifications - can be set and edited in the resource window. You can add reminders and notification to the resource you have the rights to edit or view. I.e. all the resources you can see in the planner. READ MORE