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Ganttic Update | Improved Overview of Resource Allocation

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Ganttic is a resource management software that’s all about making sure you have all the tools to create the best possible overview of all of your resources’ workload and whereabouts. Be that allocating your team, freelancers, specialists, equipment, machinery or rooms. The resource management technique to use with those tools is matrix planning. Matrix planning takes the best of both resource and project management. It’s allocating tasks to resources while keeping an eye on the resource capacity and the project capacity. It’s making sure that the resources are allocated in a way that would maximize project efficiency but are still optimally utilized. It’s planning for one project and pivoting the resource plan to see the project portfolio. For matrix planning to work, you need to divide your general resource plan into manageable bits. Different location, departments, projects, etc. You need to build a system for it to work. You need to map out all the data you need to enter. You need to think about the different filtering and grouping options you could use. And once you do, you can easily pivot the resource planner to see the resource allocation from all the possible angles. You’ll have the overview and the control. READ MORE