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Ganttic Update | Kanban boards, Notes, and Time Tracking

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The beginning of September always brings new changes. School starts. Leaves fall. And we wave goodbye to the summer holidays. Welcoming the last phase of the year. Here at Ganttic we have quite a few new changes ourselves. And our latest update will hopefully enhance how you meet your organization's 4th quarter goals. We have three new features available now that can help how you organize, view, and work with your plans. These include:Kanban boards - in your project list view for a different planning experience.Notes - have been updated throughout the entire planner with a clearer indication when new notes are added to tasks, projects, and resources. Providing better coordination for your teams.Used Time - for tasks to keep track of progress and connect with time tracking tools.We’ll show you exactly where to find these updates in your planner and how you can start using them right away. READ MORE