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Improving big data project management

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Big data and project management often go hand in hand, but some project managers, or those wishing to follow a career in project management, may be unfamiliar with the term. Big data certainly has a major influence on the way companies can be restructured and improved to drive innovation and growth so it’s crucial that people involved in big data projects fully understand how to realise the benefits.Globalisation and technology have enabled project-based businesses to grow like never before. However, more projects, more information and more resources all need to be effectively managed in order to capitalise on the potential opportunities rather than be swamped with data. The right tools, training and knowledge are also important to help people come to terms with big data.So let’s first look at the definition of big data and how data scientists use it in conjunction with their project teams. Then we’ll look at 5 ways in which businesses can employ big data practices to streamline all that information, then extract the value to create new growth and opportunities? READ MORE