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Virtual teams: the comprehensive guide to leading with technology

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The way that people have worked has changed drastically in the past hundred years. From the invention of the 8 hour workday, to Henry Ford’s creation of the weekends, to debates on whether we should cut the working day and week down even more. And now with the advent of better technology, employees are no longer tethered to their desks. Which means that in a lot of the places, the traditional brick and mortar offices are going the way of the Model T.Virtual teams are the new reality for many offices, and statistics show that this trend will only keep going up. This kind of team structure provides flexibility and comfort to employees, while also giving a boost to productivity and increasing employee retention. Meaning it’s looked upon as a great option for companies hoping to save money, grow their business, and assemble the best global workforce they can find.Maybe your organization engages in this practice already and you’re looking for some tips to ease the process and better engage and manage your virtual teams. Or maybe you’re looking for a guide to start. Either way we got you covered. Here we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on virtual teams. We’ll get into the nitty gritty details and explain the difference between the differing terms (remote, virtual, dispersed, oh my!). As well as some of the different kinds of virtual teams you might encounter. We’ll also give you a few reasons to implement this structure and what kind of benefits you’ll see once you do.We will also provide you with 3 of the best practices to keep in mind when managing your virtual team. By the end, we promise you’ll be a virtual team master and ready to tackle this new way of working. Let’s get to it!   READ MORE