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The Best Tools for Virtual Teams 2020

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Virtual team tools are the key to creating a better virtually dispersed team. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean a one-size fits all solution. Because more often than not, you could be left with something that doesn’t actually do as advertised. Think spork.Promising of doing the job of both a spoon and fork, the flimsy, useless instrument, fails to do either. And it may be surprising to find out that this plight of many in-flight meals has actually been utilized for more than 150 years! The spork makes hard work of digging into your baked fish, as well as your pasta primavera. And it’s not what you should be aiming for when selecting your next perfect tool.Whether you are the manager of a global virtual team or circumstances have led your team to work remotely, technology and tools can help your organization. But they can completely hinder the process if you make the mistake of using the wrong tool.So as to avoid a “spork situation” for your company, this article will give you 20 great tools to choose from for your virtual team management. Broken up into categories on how they can be used, these are all highly specialized for the needs of your virtual team’s goals. READ MORE