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Best Practices For Digital Nomads

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This is a guest post by Ashley Kimler. Becoming a digital nomad seemed like the dream job for many of us a few years ago. But it also seemed like a pipe dream in a world where “going to the office” was the norm. However, things have changed drastically in 2020, with around 42% of the American workforce operating from home. This transition to remote working has paved the way for more digital nomads than ever. The thing is, becoming a digital nomad can be really daunting if you’ve spent your entire working life in an office surrounded by a framework of routine and everyday familiarity. You go to work at a set time, you go home at a set time, you get the weekend off, and always know when you’ll be getting paid. If you’re excited about becoming a digital nomad but also a little apprehensive, this article is here to help you out. We’ll be taking a look at what a digital nomad is exactly, what type of jobs one would do, as well as the best practices you can put in place to make a success of this. READ MORE