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Project Resource Planning Lessons: Vacation Planning

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Recently, I went on a vacation to Montenegro. One night while I was sipping local wine on a porch with a roof entirely made of grapevines, I came to the realization that my boyfriend and I had planned a hell of a vacation. There had been no running around and no disappointments. The only time we were anxious was the morning we were driving to the airport and thinking if our flight is actually on the schedule since there was no online check-in. If you have ever traveled anywhere, you know that’s an achievement.A part of the contentment was definitely an effect of all the wine but as I thought about how we had planned the trip, I understood that a lot of the wins we have had were because we had somehow applied project resource planning principles to planning our vacation.Sadly, it wasn’t a conscious decision to do so, but I figured project resource planning is something I think about day in and day out, it was bound to find a way to be a part of my holiday. Since vacation planning can be stressful and I got very excited about my realization there on the grape entwined porch, I thought I’d share with you the 5 project resource planning principles we applied to plan our vacation. READ MORE