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How to Find Flaws in the Resource Management Process

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If you are looking to discover how to find flaws in the resource management process it might be that you have noticed that the project progress isn’t what it should be. My other guess is that you must solve too many resource conflicts. And all of it has left you with a feeling that what you are doing is far from effective resource management and there must be something wrong with either the process or the resource management techniques that you are using.To be honest, it might be one, or the other. There’s also a great chance that you are trying to fix something that isn’t broken. However, still, if the project progress is insufficient or if there are too many conflicts that resource management should prevent, there must be something wrong. When I first went back to the university to get my Masters degree, I had successfully kept track of my daily assignments using a mix of post-it notes and iPhone Reminders. I had my own little resource management process. On Friday of each week I wrote down everything I wanted to achieve during the next week, and then divide it between post-it notes. I had a post-it note for each day. If I didn’t complete all the tasks for the day, I didn’t cross it off or through the paper away. That task became the first task for the next day.  Whenever I agreed to go to an event or accepted a deadline, I made a reminder.As I faced two years of constantly being on the go to get things done, I quickly understood that my beloved post-it notes and reminders just won’t do. While I was away from the office I could never remember what I had planned and if I had enough time to squeeze in another task for the day. I couldn’t manage all the deadlines, events, and assignments using reminders. I needed an overview of everything that’s going on. My resource management process and the resource management tools I was using were screaming for an update. I had to let go of the satisfaction of crossing something off from a post-it note and crumbling it up when all the tasks were done.I analyzed how I had planned my time, and it was clear that to keep track of everything, I needed everything to be in one place. My work assignments, school stuff, and my personal life. It had to be easily accessible and I wanted to be able to edit the schedule from every device I have. My first instinct was to download a calendar app called Planner Pro. It had good reviews and I felt like maybe somehow it’ll do half the work for me. Long story short - it didn’t and I didn’t really need it.I figured the syncing abilities between my devices and Google Calendar sync is what’ll end up helping me instead.First, I synced my Google Calendar with Ganttic. We are using it for high-level resource planning, so everyone has to book their time with projects they are working on and the holidays. Not daily assignments but the end-goals of those daily assignments. I created a separate calendar for that. Whenever I take on a new project, I assess how much time completing it should take based on experience, and then I just book it using drag and drop. I used recurring tasks to book the time I’ll be at the university.Since some parts of my resource management process were actually solid, I didn't reinvent all of it. I still plan my daily tasks on a Friday, and if some changes come up on a Monday, I reschedule. I have calendars with different colors displayed at once to get the full picture. I use time-slotting instead of just writing things down as a to-do list to be more efficient with my time. READ MORE