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Case Study | How Ab Ovo Is Using Ganttic For High-Level Visual Resource Planning 

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In Ab Ovo we had the opportunity to meet Edmond, Freek, and Jeroen. Freek is responsible for the business department and Jeroen is development manager in the same business unit. Edmond is a project manager in Ab Ovo and the one that introduced Ganttic to their team.

Case Study | How A Resource Planning Tool Replaced Excel In An Architecture Company

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For Innopolis Engineering™ Ganttic is the main planning tool In Innopolis Engineering™ Ganttic had the chance to meet with Lauri Reinart who is the Chief Structural Engineer in Innopolis Engineering™ . Innopolis Engineering™ is a Scandinavian and Baltic Architecture and Engineering Company. They have offices in Stockholm, Tallinn, and Tartu with about 35 employees.

Case Study | How To Use Resource Scheduling Tool To Make Plans With Famous Spanish Actors

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Ganttic had the opportunity to visit KiteTeam in Madrid. KiteTeam is one of the most proactive users of Ganttic in terms of giving constant feedback on how to make Ganttic an even better resource planning tool. The company itself is a video game localization company that has offices in Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy, Halo, and Call of Duty are just a few examples of many. Sound and sound effects for these games were developed by KiteTeam.In Madrid, we had the opportunity to meet with Juan Pablo Magariño, Pako Barreras, and Manuel Guerra.

Resource Planning Tools for Creative Teams

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Although there are many different teams that use Ganttic, a number of the plans made in Ganttic are for something creative since they often need a flexible tool for project portfolio management. Whether it’s a mobile solution, web page, an event, an animation or a commercial - Ganttic is happy to be a part of the process that helps those creative minds come together. Isn't that the point of resource planning tools? To be a part of whatever you are doing in a way that will let the real heroes shine? Here's an overview how creative teams use Ganttic and the result of resources planned well.

Ganttic's Awesome Customers: Hailstorm

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Besides their exceptionally cool name, it's also pretty cool what they do.

Ganttic's Awesome Customers: Transmin

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If you've been following our blog, about once a month we post here articles from and about our awesome customers. Here's a new one of them!

Ganttic's Awesome Customers: Attrecto Smartphone Solutions

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A while ago we promised we'd start a new blog series called 'Clients of the Month', but not to sound too cliché, we modified the name a bit. Here, dear readers, is our first article!

A Good Word About Your Organization

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Ganttic has several awesome clients who operate in aviation, engineering, software development, architecture and even crocodile farming. About Visual Planning and Scheduling

Categories: Software Reviews managing partner mr. Diogo Romão : We have been using Ganttic at Monday for project and resource planning and we are very pleased with it! Nice interface and simple functionality gives us the ability to quickly have an overview of what’s coming, predict constraints and manage production pipeline.  By using it, we have been able to make our weekly planning meetings much more effective. We can now focus mainly on double-checking projects and resources, since all the planning is made in advance and continuously.

Planning-LITE Concept Got Attention From

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Tom Taulli, a writer for had an interview with Ganttic's CEO Indrek and wrote a positive post on Forbes Online. Startups like Ganttic can definitely use publicity like this. Thank you, Tom! reviews Ganttic

Categories: Software Reviews is a business-oriented Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) directory. We’ve been gathering the best web applications and constantly update our directory, which has been ever-growing since its launch in 2001. Read the original article from here. reviews Ganttic

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Today we've got a review from  - a weblog strictly focused on Startups. reviews Ganttic

Categories: Software Reviews, the site that writes about important stuff on the Internet, reviewed us.