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3 Steps to Effective Project Portfolio Management Process

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I have a morning routine. I wake up. I go to the bathroom. I wash my hands. I brush my teeth. I drink a glass of water. I wash my face. I dry my face. I go back to my bedroom. I take vitamin D. I go to the kitchen. I put the kettle on to make tea. I put the tea bag into a cup. I cook myself breakfast (meaning I pour cereal to a bowl). I pour the hot water into the cup. I take the cup and the breakfast I cooked (the bowl of cereal) and place them on the kitchen table. I eat my breakfast. It’s trivial but whenever I can’t do my thing in that order, I’ll have a feeling like something is wrong. I don’t have any reasons to say it’s the “right order” of doing things (I actually do but since I want to seem like a sane person I won’t disclose it). But if I don’t do it that way, it feels wrong. It’s my little ritual. I’m used to it. I don’t have to put any thought into it. I have it figured out.  And I’m not the only one with those routines. It’s simple things like how your phone can suggest maps destinations. It can guess you’ll go home after work. I can guess the day you’ll go to the gym. And more complex rituals that make up the reasons why it’s so difficult to push people to make a change in their everyday life for more sustainable consumption. We are guided by dispositions, procedures, and sequences on every step we take. First are formed by culturally derived orientations, second by tactic knowledge and embodied skills, and the latter through the material, infrastructural, and institutional forms. READ MORE