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Resource Planning Software That Can Do It All

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If you have to plan resources on a daily basis, it can get a bit tedious. Making sure that the communication plan is being followed and the information you have is sufficient. Allocating resources and then reallocating them while trying to make the right decisions for your project portfolio. Everything according to the priorities. Taking every manager's needs into account. Some days, you daydream about a kind of a superhero. The most boring kind of superhero out there. The kind, that would do the annoying parts of it for you. The Resourceman? The Super Planning Woman? The Software? The last one sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it? So join me on a daydream. A daydream about a resource planning software that can do it all.

Scheduling Resources: Matching Tasks with Resources' Skills

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As we have discussed before, finding and assigning the right resource to the task you have is one of the crucial elements in resource planning. A right resource doesn’t mean a free resource. Right resource means that the resource actually has the right skill set for the task. Taking the time to find the perfect resource and task match will lead you to a more satisfied team. And a team that is happy, is a team that delivers. 

Ganttic Update: Task Timing Settings and Taskbar Information Found a New Home in the Planner

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Since we introduced our new task timing options which allow you to choose the accuracy you want to plan your tasks with they have been on the lookout for a bigger place to settle down. As a new family, there have been struggles. And of course, there are the usual questions that a new family looking for a new home has to answer. Is there a place in our planner where there’s enough room for everyone? Should they keep their old place or rent it out? Can they afford to manage both places? That's all this post is going to be about - finding a new home for them.

How to Estimate Task Duration When Planning Resources

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Estimating tasks’ duration can be a huge factor when estimating projects’ course. Tasks are essentially what make a project what it is. So if you are estimating how long a project might take to complete, estimating tasks' length might be the right place to start.

New Feature: Task Timing

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This new feature - 'Timing by’ makes tasks more intuitive based on your needs. By providing a ‘Timing by’ rule, every time you move a task, your task’s length adheres to the rule that you set.

Ways to Find the Right Person For the Right Job

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With observation, one can easily tell when a task has been assigned to the wrong resource. A wrong resource on the task is equivalent to assigning a doctor to cook in a restaurant, using a hammer to mow a lawn, or planning a party in a library.

Using Scheduling to Reduce Costs

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Scheduling gives you the ability to have a bird’s eye view on your organization, which in turn - when used correctly - can help you reduce costs significantly.

How to Build a Good Staff Schedule

Categories: Management Tips, Task Scheduling
There are a few basic things you should keep in mind when building a good staff schedule.

Drag and Drop Scheduling. Done!

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Drag and drop scheduling is something we, for example, take for granted as well as do so many of our clients, but as it would seem this is not as common of a feature you might think.

5 Signs Your Business Has Scheduling Problems

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Your business not running like it should? Things get mixed up? Are these problems familiar? Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s a scheduling problem? We’d like to give you 5 signs your business has scheduling problems.

Does Your Scheduling Software Boost Your Company Morale?

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Managing your employees means doing a whole lot more than just hiring people and writing them a paycheck every couple of weeks.  If you want to be an effective manager, you have to be able to motivate people.  You have to have compassion.  You have to understand that your employees aren't robots.  They have families, hobbies, and needs that you have to think about.

Project Scheduling

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 This is a guest post from Brad Egeland - IT/PM & Business Strategy Consultant & professional PM & Technology author ( )Simple project scheduling is helping to succeed with PM and your everyday business processes.

Fight Recession with Better Planning and Scheduling

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Are you ready to make 2012 your best year yet?... Working smarter (and more profitably) requires better planning and scheduling of the most valuable elements of your business: Resources

Timetable or Scheduling Software?

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Have you been trying to replace this old paper wallchart or whiteboard in your organization? It is a hard decision as everybody's used to the old system and its shortcomings. Scheduling on paper or whiteboard is easy, but life always makes its corrections and any plan or timetable needs rescheduling.

Is Ganttic a Resource Calendar?

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Ganttic is good for scheduling many kinds of resources like people, facilities, vehicles, jobs, equipment, and projects. We're struggling here to find a good definition what Ganttic really is. One is sure - Ganttic is a hell of a good RESOURCE CALENDAR.Why should anyone need a resource calendar?

What Kind of Problems Does Ganttic Help You to Solve?

Categories: Resource Planning, Task Scheduling, Management Tips, Project Portfolio Management
No business uses software just because it is cool. We all want to solve something what's bothering us. The idea of Ganttic is to solve certain problems in business management. Here's complete list.

Gantt Chart as a Project Plan. Is It Enough?

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This blog post is a short version of Brad Egeland's article at You can read the original here: It is a good read about must-have parts of project management and gives a good overview of the process.

100 Years Old Gantt Charts Had a "Total Makeover"

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The market for planning tools is huge. Most businesses plan operations and/or projects and schedule their resources in-house, yet the choice of tools for this task is fairly limited. Ganttic has created a scheduling software to ensure that the necessary tools are in place for businesses that want the planning to be easily done, but not overly simplistic.To draw a parallel with cutting the forest - while most still do it with an ax and few can afford modern forest harvesting robots, Ganttic has just invented the chainsaw. 

Gi-Ganttic Results from Ganttic, the Gantt Chart Master

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Many people who have been trying to stay organized using either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project have ended up frustrated by the seemingly Herculean proportions of the task.  Microsoft Excel has an excellent database format, but as it is not a tool designed specifically for scheduling, using it to coordinate projects can prove awkward and unreliable.  

Planning with Excel Fades to the Past

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Most of the businesses use resource scheduling in their everyday life, but most common tools for it are still e-mails, paper wall charts, notebooks and Excel spreadsheets. Specialized tools are expensive, complicated and hard to implement. So we saw the gap in the market and created just a right product to fill this gap.

What Can You Actually Use Ganttic for?

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Well, that has been our main question from the very beginning. When you create software you have to think about it. No one will use software what does everything from project planning to file sharing. Ours has a purpose.