The Must-Have Features in Resource Management

Categories: Resource Planning
When choosing a tool to manage your resources, it’s important to keep in mind a few things before making a final choice.

As we’ve operated in the resource management field for many years now, based on client communication and our own experience, we’d like to share some thoughts we have in regards to choosing a new software.

The features that are a ‘must’

A (multi)resource scheduling tool has to be able to give you that freedom of customization any organization needs, because even though work processes are generally the same, the devil is in the details - the small things that help you tailor make the working environment to your liking - so it’s only natural to assume the tool you are using is flexible enough.

When talking about resource management, scheduling or planning, you cannot overlook the importance of utilization. Sure, you can have the ability to drag&drop your tasks or have any other nifty features, that make the use of the tool comfortable, but if that means losing in efficiency, all the ‘bells and whistles’ are not much good. Utilization (if built correctly) show’s you exactly which of your resources are under- and which overbooked, so you could make the relevant changes.

Besides the previous two, there’s one more important element you have to keep in mind: time. Make sure you purchase a software that has a timeline! The reason for this is quite simple: timeline is the most preferred feature when using a tool, that requires planning.

The features that are preferred

Colors are fun and can be utilized effectively if used the right way. That in mind, you should make sure your tool has the ability to use different (and customizable!) colors. For example, if you can set a color for each stage of a project or a task - for example, ‘green’ meaning a task is on schedule and red meaning ‘oh my God, oh my God what are we going to do?’ - you can send a clearer message to all of the collaborators, thus eliminating ambiguous communication.

Everybody has a boss! In light of that, giving that ‘boss’ the info s/he needs is vital, so in light of this, the third feature your tool must have is effortless reporting. Okay, even if you don’t have a boss per se, it’s still important that you can pull out information, that is essential to you and/or your organization’s present and future. Or, you can just keep on using spreadsheets. Your choice!