Timesheet Templates Have Had a Better Alternative for a While Now

Categories: Management Tips
Timesheet templates are nothing more than slots waiting to be filled with your data. So the creation of such ‘slots’ should be a walk in the park, right?

Well, based on my experience, I have to say no. Creating timesheet templates can be a real pain if you haven’t done it before. And even if you have, there’s nothing to guarantee they will stay static for very long, so in light of these things, perhaps you should look for an alternative?

First of all, in order to create a good timesheet template, you have to be sure you know the organization, its going to be for, through and through. Otherwise you could end up redoing everything from scratch - something we all love to do, don’t we?

The usual approach is to create a timesheet templates in a spreadsheet program, but there inlay the risk of messing it up as well. Spreadsheets are awesome for many things: different calculations, tables, analysis, creating diagrams - I’ve used them for years and I concur.

But by the end of the day, spreadsheets are good for only so far - timesheet templates are not one of them.

Many people have realized the trouble with creating timesheet templates using spreadsheets and have addressed the problem any rational person would - they have created alternatives. As did we in the form of Ganttic.

We believe, that there are some specific things, that make a good timesheet template - that is what Ganttic actually is - it’s years of practice and know-how.
Essentially there are some specific things you have to consider. In my opinion, it’s basically three main things: static data fields, dynamic data fields and reporting. That’s it. The rest is just details.

It’s easy to make custom timesheet templates if you’ve done it before or better yet - you have some old templates to use as templates. But if you plan to start from scratch you should definitely look into an alternative. Perhaps one, that’s already designed, has a track record and is just waiting to be used?