Trying too Hard to Be Efficient Might Bring Down Your Efficiency

Categories: Management Tips
Research has found that there are four major distinct success dimensions in project management. The first dimension is the project efficiency. The second is the impact on the customer. The third is direct business and organizational success, and the fourth is preparing for the future. It has been said that efficiency is doing the thing right and effectiveness is doing the right thing - a strategy vital in any business. No one can really afford to be inefficient. Nevertheless, sometimes you stumble on a tool that brings your efficiency down and you don't even notice it since you are so used to planning resources with it. Not to point any fingers, but often the bad guy is MS Excel. 

Customers are bringing the money in. Resources, we use to serve them are taking money out. So, resources should be planned carefully to ensure their efficiency. You can use several tools for planning resources. Gantt charts aren't anything new. Neither are spreadsheets. In fact, spreadsheets used to be the main tool used for creating Gantt charts. Now they are like leftover Chinese food. You kind of know you shouldn't eat it but you do it anyway. You kind of know you shouldn't use them for resource planning but you do it anyway. 

Don't get me wrong, you can definitely get the job done with spreadsheets. It's just that as your business grows, the number of resources and projects you have to deal with grows as well. And that's where it gets tricky with spreadsheets. You'll have to come up with ways to make resource planning more efficient. However, what you are really doing is wasting time since the tool you are using is working against you. 

Certain software programs such as MS Excel and MS Project may appear to provide a useful method of controlling resources, but the truth is that these programs simply do not handle the job properly.  Excel is far too often used as an all-purpose program, while in fact it is not truly designed to operate in this manner. MS Project is designed to monitor operations and resources, but it does it in a single-handed manner and handling just one project at time. It does eventually get the job done, but it certainly won’t be in the timeliest of manners. 

A business owner simply cannot afford to waste time, money or resources - this is where Ganttic comes into play. This resource managing software is designed to multi-task, and handle multiple projects simultaneously thereby providing the ultimate efficiency and effectiveness.  Ganttic is a web-based, user-friendly solution designed to assure a company that their resources are being properly utilized. Since it has the ability to monitor multiple programs simultaneously it virtually becomes the nucleolus of the operations.

Ganttic oversees all aspects of the operation from transportation to manpower and equipment. Providing the operator with the hands on capability to control, assign and prioritize operations, Ganttic simplifies the operations process and allows multi-user interface providing a link between multiple management staff and employees. This program literally assures that all individuals are on the same page. 

Accessibility + affordability = feasibility. This basically means that in order for a program to be truly useful and efficient it must be affordable and accessible. Ganttic is web-based and therefore accessible from anywhere and it can be used by up to 5 users for absolutely no cost to the company’s bottom line. If the need arises to add additional users then there is a reasonable fee for the additional users. This free access also allows up to 10 resources to be monitored simultaneously.

 The user-friendly structure of this program provides ease of use and provides the ability to drag and drop task bars and manipulate resources and tasks in a manner that can be easily completed by even the most unseasoned computer operator. The flexibility of this software makes this program a vital tool for any company that is looking to increase its bottom line and be more efficient and effective. There may be other ways to get the job done but there is only one right way - Ganttic