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Upcoming Update: New Task Dialog And Improved Task Scheduling

Ganttic Updates

We are happy to tell you more about our next update coming live soon. Take a closer look to our new Task Dialog Window with all its tips & tricks to get full advantage on its launch

Good news, Folks! Ganttic is imporving!

We are preparing an update which will help all Ganttic users to plan more efficient and schedule tasks with ease. Our Task Dialog window will get a new shape on upcoming weekend (between November-December). 

We will introduce you here the main changes with screenshots and explanations. Get excited and take full advantage of the launch!

What to expect?

Improved Task Time Settings – Your Data Is The King!

Scheduling task realistically and clearly is one of the most critical aspects in project success. In Ganttic we are working to be that right tool for you to have the control over the plans.

In our Task Dialog Window update, we will make the current scheduling way more logical, convenient and practical. Here is how:

  •  No more shuffling between the right task timing settings. Now all the timing options are initially at one place to change and set; 
  •  All timing scheduling fields (Start time, End time, Busy time, Duration, Utilization) are visible at one place in your new Task Dialog Window. Choose the ones you know and just fill them in. Ganttic will do the rest. You can even see the fields that are changing with dar blue flash.

Imporved timing settings in

Ganttic improved task scheduling options. Just fill in the info you have and change as you need. 

Some tips to note down:

  •  Green fields are active fields as well as your most commonly used task timing settings. To change your Task timing default settings, visit SETTINGS —> TASK TIMING and choose the timing option you use most commonly as your default. 

  • Grey fields are calculated by Ganttic according to filled info in Green fields. 

You can fill in ANY field based on your needs and info you have. Ganttic takes it as a note and recalculates other fields according to your data. Default settings help you to have the most commonly used settings as your 1st option, but in case of other info, just fill in the other field.

In Ganttic Resource Management Softwate You can choose your preferred scheduling settings

SETTINGS —> TASK TIMING, choose your default scheduling settings

One Toolbar For All Essentials

In our new Task Dialog window, you will have all the same task features you have already used to see during project and task flow. All the features that used to be all around in the Task Dialog are now systematically in one place and easy to find.

Let’s go them through together. Perhaps there is some feature you do not use today, but that could be handy.

Ganttic New Task Dialog will look like this. Note the toolbar at the top with all the features put on there.

  • Save a copy  – it creates a duplicated copy of the task with all the info the initial task has.
  • Delete task – you made a mistake or see some task irrelevant? You can just delete it. Do not worry, we always ask your confirmation before we delete it to avoid mistakes and data loss.
  • Task Dependencies – are there any tasks dependent on each other? You can use dependency lines to keep in track with the tasks that are dependent on the timeline of the other task.  Tip: Once the task dependencies are set, you can see green dots on the icon to check details.
  • Used time – allows marking down the actual time used on the task. This way you can evaluate your planning process and the difference between planned time and real-time spent on task. Tip: Once “Used time” is set for the task, note little green dot on “used time” clock icon to check details.
  • Task notes– to mark down important notes about the task. Is there some important name or phone number? Is there something happened with the resource? Something unexpected occurred? Write this extra info to Task notes. Besides note, it is also visible who made the note and what time. Tip: You can see the green number showing the number of left notifications on the notification icon.
  • Task history – Shows all the changes made in task in details. Who did, when did and what did. 
  •  Data Fields – all additional fields you can attach to your task. Data Fields are based on your needs and your company-specific information. Attach the project status field (planned, on work, confirmed), add the link of documents or maps, attach the priority level or describe the place where the task should happen. While thinking about Data Fields – think those as columns in Excel with different types of data. 

We have also fit “save” and “back = cancel” buttons in the same place so everything is just on a click away!

Introducing You Task Split

Maybe you already noticed, that there was one more icon in our new Task Dialog Window. If you did, that is great, if not – look closer!  It is our new feature.

We are happy to introduce you the Task Split. We had quite a few clients asking this feature so we made it happen.

Task Split is located in the same toolbar menu behind the “scissors” icon. Task split can be handy:

  • To make a long project into separate tasks on a go;
  • To plan more conveniently if some extra tasks came by during the task flow;
  • To share the big task between different people in case of a need.

Just simple cut and you have two tasks instead of one. Or even five. Splitted tasks work then as independent tasks.

Ganttic Resource Management Software New Task Split Feature

We truly believe your task scheduling becomes way more convenient with a new task dialog window and planning handier using task-split feature now and then.

Let us know about what you think once you got familiar with our updates! We are excited to have your feedback!

Contact us for feedback!

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