View Milestones Across Multiple Projects

Categories: Project Portfolio Management
To quote Wikipedia, a milestone ‘is an event within the framework of project or resource management that receives special attention’. Yup, we all knew that, but are milestones always useful?

It largely depends on how you use them. Some create milestones to set the deadline of the project. Others use them as sort of ‘checkpoints’ to keep one’s self on track. Regardless of how your work and the use of milestones is organized, you should always keep in mind that the milestones should be applicable across multiple projects. Why?

Like we’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, project management is, in fact, resource management. You manage projects by managing resources at your disposal to reach your goals, although by the end of the day you may interpret it any way you like, as long as the job is complete.
But the fact still remains, that you cannot manage, let alone finish your project without the resources. The resources, be it people or machinery, is essentially what get’s the job done.

So why milestones?

And this is where the milestones visibility comes in - scalability. The number of projects is bound to change more often than the number of resources. In addition, there are usually more projects than there are resources (people, for example), which means you have to juggle the resources to meet the projects' requirements.

Part of this is related to milestones, as they are mostly used as deadlines to various stages of the projects. This in return means, that all of your resources have to take into account different projects’ milestones - it’s just part of the planning and would otherwise mess up your entire system, not to mention spread chaos outside your organization.