Want to Reduce Your Efficiency? Keep Planning With Speadsheets!

Categories: Management Tips
Just today I stumbled upon a nice oldie, still relevant I think! It's about how being too efficient might backfire.

It has been said that efficiency is doing the thing right and effectiveness is doing the right thing - a strategy vital in any business. In an economy that is as unstable as the current economy is, no one can afford to be ineffective and inefficient. If you do not have your resources properly in line then you are not operating your business to its highest potential. This greatly affects a business’s bottom line. 

Customers are bringing the money in. Resources, we use to serve them are taking money out. So, resources should be planned carefully to ensure their efficiency. There are several tools to plan resources. Gantt chart isn’t anything new.

While project management software like MS Project or even MS Excel may provide a way for controlling resources, the truth is that they aren't for everyone. Excel spreadsheets are far too often used as an all-purpose program, and it really isn't designed for that. Resource planning definitely can be done with Excel but it isn't the most comfortable tool for it. MS Project is designed for monitoring operations and resources but it isn't the best tool for project portfolio management. It will get you there but there are easier routes to take.

As a project manager, you know you can't afford to waste time, money or resources capacity. That's why you need a resource planning tool like Ganttic. It's designed for handling multiple projects simultaneously thereby providing the ultimate efficiency and effectiveness. Ganttic is a web-based, user-friendly solution that is built with keeping your resources in mind. You can be sure that your resources will have optimal utilization across your project portfolio. 

With Ganttic you can have an overview of manpower as well as equipment and transportation. It provides project managers with a hands-on capability to control, assign, and prioritize operations. Ganttic simplifies the operations process and the multi-user interface provides a link between management staff and employees. The software literally assures that everyone in your team would be on the same page. 

For a resource planning tool to be truly useful and efficient, it must be affordable and accessible. As said before, Ganttic is web-based and therefore accessible from anywhere. It's free for up to 10 resources, and there isn't a limit on how many users can access the software. 

The user-friendly interface of the resource planning tool provides ease of use. You can simply drag and drop Gantt charts and allocate resources to multiple projects while keeping your eye on the capacity utilization. The flexibility the software makes it an essential tool for any company that is looking to plan resources more efficiently and effectively. There may be other ways to get the job done but Ganttic definitely is a good way.