Why Does Your Resource Management Have to Go Mobile?

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It’s estimated that, by 2013, more than 11 million people will use their smartphones and tablets to manage their business assets remotely.  Specifically, they’ll use some kind of special mobile resource management app. Here's why you should join them...
  • Because people expect instant results
We live in a world where people have come to expect information in a matter of seconds.  (Why do you think there are millions of Google searches performed every single minute?) 
So, whether it’s a quick answer to a question or some kind of easy way to look up complicated data, your clients expect the same thing from you.  You may not always have time to head back into the office and do the work by hand. 

Instead, people are expecting you to be “dialed in” on your smartphone, whether you’re out to lunch or riding the train in to work.  If you make your clients wait longer than they feel is appropriate, they may view you as “lacking” customer service.  That means you need to have all of your resources streamlined into a handheld format.

  • Because it improves your bottom line
Thanks to advances in technology, you never have to be away from the office if you don’t want to be.  You can check in on your smartphone while you’re on the subway, or you can communicate with a client on your tablet after your kids go to sleep at night.

If you have this ability to be connected 24/7, you might as well make the most out of it!  (Gives a whole new meaning to the term “time is money”, huh?)

  • Because it helps you keep track of your employees
Remember, your people are your most important resources.  By having resource management capabilities right on your mobile devices, you can see how everyone is doing right at the touch of a button (or, at the tap of a touch screen!).  That way, you can see exactly how projects are progressing, all without making a phone call or even going into the office!

  • Because it leaves a “digital trail”
When you go mobile, your information is stored the same way as if you were to handle everything on your desktop computer.  Plus, you’ll have the same digital "paper trail" if you ever need to go back and see what has been done in the past with your resources.

The only difference is that mobile resource management is a lot easier to update.  Since everything is sent to everyone’s mobile devices, you never have to worry about anyone being out of the loop.

And since your Ganttic account can be synced directly with your Google Calendar, you can always be certain you'll receive important notifications directly to your mobile devices for so you don't miss an important task. Ganttic and Google calendar can be updated automatically so you keep important tasks in both places.

Written by Indrek Kuldkepp Connect with me in LinkedIn