Why Should an Enterprise Worry About Resource and Project Planning?

Categories: Resource Planning, Project Portfolio Management
Resource planning is definitely no fun. It is work and as we all know, all kind of work should be avoided. Unless it's a must. Believe me, resource and project planning is.

Why Should You Worry About Resource and Project Planning?

Resource scheduling? This is for huge manufacturing companies only. Well, no. Actually, resource scheduling is part of most businesses everyday life.

Although, the economic situation around us makes us observe our costs harder every day. Resources used in companies are actual drivers for costs and revenues. Workers waiting for materials, double booked delivery truck, just in the very moment occupied meeting room - You'll see this kind of problems in nearly every company. These problems are accepted as part of everyday life and most company directors never pay full attention to them.

How to Plan Resources and Projects?

Please follow this advice and amazing results are just around the corner:

  • Make list from resources used in your company.
  • Mark + or - after every resource indicating if it is an important one. There's no need to plan all resources. Do not make your plan too complicated in beginning. You can always add resources to your plan when you feel the need for it.
  • Mark after every resource the name of the employee responsible for it.
  • Or use Ganttic. We make it real easy for you!