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Our advanced filtering feature helps you to find and focus on specific tasks, projects, statuses and more.

Must-know about this feature

Filters can be used temporarily to search for a resource, task or project or they can be saved to the view to create a smaller portion of your plans that's easier to manage. To do the first, just apply the filter as shown below, if you want to save it to a view, click on the disc on the view panel, and select save. 

You can find the filter search box from view panel:

filter tasks projects resources etc

Apply a filter

  1. Type your criteria in the search box
  2. The filter will show a drop down of the list of results.

  3. Make your selection 
  4. Hit 'Apply' to confirm it. 

    apply filter

  5. Filtered tasks marked with chosen status will show up in a chart in color
  6. The tasks that don't fit the filter criteria are transparent. 

    filtered tasks
    Applying multiple filter criteria is allowed. Just search, select, and apply the second one after you're done with the first one or select multiple values with one search.

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