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For planning purposes, it works best if you can have an eye on resource utilization across the project portfolio. That’s why when planning resources for a project in a single project view, you see the tasks that aren’t connected to that specific project. The tasks are on the background to let you know the resource is already booked.

That gives you the control to decide if you are going to change the schedule or find another resource with the same skills. However, when it comes to getting an actual overview, the grey taskbars that were your best friends just a few minutes ago, are now in the way of having a clear picture of what’s going on. Similarly, the gray taskbars are the reason why you cannot simply take a screenshot of the schedule and add it to the presentation you are preparing for the client or other stakeholders.

To solve this problem and to give you yet another tool for creating a better overview, you can choose if the grey taskbars (i.e. placeholders) are displayed or not. In case of single project views, you can choose if you want to view all resources, or just the ones in use. 

Must-know about this feature

You can select if the taskbars that aren’t meeting the filter criteria or aren’t a part of the specific project are displayed or not. You can also choose the option to display the Gantt chart but not the data on the Gantt chart. In addition to a clearer overview, this feature creates a possibility to view the resource utilization in the specific view. If you choose to hide the placeholders altogether, the resource utilization will be recalculated.

To set resource visibility

  1. Click the 'Resource visibility' icon on the right of the view panel
  2. This will open the tisibility options.

  3. Choose Resources visibility      
  4. 'Show all' is applied by default. Select 'Show used' to hide irrelevant resources

  5. Choose placeholders visibility
  6. 'Show placeholders with data' is applied by default. You can see irrelevant resources and greyed out tasks with information. Hit 'Apply' if done. 

  7. Choose 'Show only placeholders' and hit 'Apply'
  8. This will hide the information on the greyed out tasks.

  9. Choose 'Hide' and click on 'Apply' to remove placeholders completely

    To make this visibility setting permanent make sure to save the view. 

Custom Views >

Visibility Settings