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Conditional Project Coloring

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Similarly to conditional Task coloring options it's also possible to define a color for each projects' custom value that you've added. Using different color schemes on data fields can be handy for getting overviews by custom criteria (f.e project statuses, phases, locations etc). 

Must-know about this feature

To start using color schemes feature with predefined values, you must first create 'List of values' project custom data fields and enter your values.

Create conditional color schemes for projects

  1. Create a 'List of values (coloring)' type project custom data field 
  2. Add different values you wish to add colors to. For example different project statuses.
  3. Open 'Color Taskbars by' section
    1. Select the created field under 'Project custom field' section.

  4. Define a color for each list value
      1. You can change the colors later.

          Make sure you aren't selecting the same colors that are selected for the custom data fields of tasks to avoid any confusions.

    1. Projects' tasks are now shown in previously defined colors
        1. You can edit the colors or the coloring set up that is being displayed from the same menu.

Projects >

Conditional Project Coloring