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Filtering Projects


Ganttic allows you to filter your tasks, projects, and resources by title or any other custom field related data, enabling a quick and direct way to retrieve a filter’s information easily. Filters are available in the Gantt chart area as well as for reports. Use this feature as a search tool or save the filter to the view to have the same perspective of a project each time you open the view.

Must-know about this feature

There's two ways for applying filters. You can use the search function or the label system to find needed items. Search is useful if you know exactly what you want to find. The label system is a good option if you need to have an overview of all items (mostly data fields) within specific areas (resources, tasks or projects). Applying project filters with "IS" rule will hide all the projects that aren't linked to that filter while "IS NOT" rule will exclude this item from the chart. Applying multiple filters is allowed. 

Filter projects

  1. Click on the filter icon
  2. This will open the filtering section. 

  3. Select a suitable data set (1) and label (2) or use the search bar (3)
  4. The rule list and search/label values will appear.

  5. Select the rule for the filter from the list
  6. "IS" rule is selected by default. 

    The rule "IS" will only include the filter value. The "IS NOT" rule will exclude the filter value.
  7. Hit 'Apply'
  8. This will apply the filter and display the results in the chart below.

Remove filters

  1. Open filtering section and click on the 'X' beside your filter
  2. Click 'Apply' to remove the filters.

    If you want to remove multiple filters at once, click on "Clear all" and then "Apply". This will apply the filter and close the section. 

Projects >

Filtering Projects