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Don’t miss a beat when someone on your team makes any changes to the plans. Ganttic keeps track of any changes made to your tasks, projects, and resources, allowing you to view each section’s history. The history cannot be altered, so you have full access to what has happened when you weren’t looking.

Must-know about this feature

History cannot be altered, as well as the history of notes. 

Viewing project history

  1. Click on a title of a project
  2. This will open the project dialog. Project history is a good tool to keep an eye on budget changes if you have a custom data field for tracking budget.
  3. On the bottom, click on 'History'
  4. Now you can view past actions on the item.
viewing the changes made to projects
You can also see when other project managers make changes to the project's resource plan. And if you want to take the most out of your resource scheduling tool, check the history before making a new resource plan. You can see how many times the milestones were postponed or brought forward and optimize accordingly.

Projects > History For Projects