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Same way as you can add custom data fields to Resources and Tasks, you can add them to projects. The field types are fixed: text, number, list of values (coloring), date (milestones), user, and link. The possibilities, on the other hand, are endless. We know it's a cliche, but really they are. For example, you can add pictures to your project with the link option, or add the contacts number trough the number option. Basically, if your projects have data that you need to fit into the planner, custom data fields are the way to do it. 

To add a Custom Data field to a Project:

Open a single Project View

To edit its details: 

  1. Click on the title
  2. Click 'Add new custom data field'
adding custom data to projects

  • Then you can choose the type for the field, and put a label on it:

  • Add your list values and hit 'Save' on the right

  • All custom data fields you have added to your projects will appear in the project dialog. Fill out the field by selecting a value from the list. This depends on the field type.

As you noticed, through custom data fields, you can also add Milestones to your projects. But we will explain how that works in the next article.