Reports > Automatic Reports

We have waved our magic coding wand, and made reporting with Ganttic smoother than ever before. We are introducing reports that go beyond our resource planner. Meaning the reports can be automatically sent to anyone that needs to see them via email even if they aren't a user in Ganttic. The reports can be sent as CVS, PDF or XLS file.

To set up Automatic Reports: 
  • Generate a custom report first
  • Then click on 'Send automatically' just below the title

  1. Insert an email address you'd like to send the report to and click on the '+' icon to add it to the distribution list. Add as many emails you need. Recipients will receive a confirmation email. The invitation has to be confirmed before moving to next steps. 
  2. Set the frequency
  3. Set time and time zone when the report will be sent out
  4. Choose export format
  5. Activate the recurring report
  6. Click 'Save' to confirm