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In order to generate custom reports, you'll have to select report fields that, in other words, are pieces of information you want to see in your report. Data fields have to be placed into Grouping or Details level. 

Must-know about this feature

'Data fields' section is where you'll find the data you can add to your reports. Data fields are categorized into Task Data, Project Data, Resource Data, and Calculations (explained below).

Drag and drop the data fields to the Grouping level you want data to be grouped by in the report. Details level is where you will drag and drop data you want to be displayed in a form of a table in addition to grouping labels. 

Create a report

  1. Drag and drop data fields into grouping and/or details level 
  2. Depending on what kind of layout and sorting you need for the report you can use both or only one of them.

    drag and drop data to report fields

  3. Once you are done, click on 'OK'
  4. Doing so, you'll confirm the data fields that the data will be grouped by and the data that will be in the details level.

    confirm selected report fields
  5. Next, select a time period for the report
  6. The left calendar is for the period start, the right calendar is for report period end date.

    report period
  7. Click on 'Show report' once you have selected the dates 
  8. The report is now generated based on selected data fields and data levels.

In custom data fields, one of the data types is 'Calculations'. This section gives you options to calculate numerical values in association with your tasks' Busy Time in reports. Only limited to resources and projects, this feature is perfect for a number of uses. For example, if you set Roger's hourly rate as €50, the report will calculate how many hours he has worked (Busy Time) and provide you with a number of how much to pay him for the duration of the report. You can see Hourly rate, € * Task busy time(h) field among others. Please note 'Hourly rate, €' is a 'Number' type resource custom data field. This new feature is not an extension but developed as a default feature in Ganttic's planner.

Calculate hourly rates

  1. Click on a task
  2. This will open the task dialog.
  3. Click on '+' in 'Custom data fields' section
  4. This will open the custom data fields editing dialog. 

  5. Enter a data label and select 'Number' from the drop-down menu
  6. Don't forget to click on 'Save' once you are done.

  7. Enter a value in the field you just created and click on 'Save'
  8. The value you enter will be used for calculations in the report.

  9. Open 'Reports' from the sidebar and open the report you have created
  10. You'll see that there's a new data label named 'Hourly rate/hr X Task busy time(h)'.

  11. Drag the data label into either grouping level or details level
  12. Click on 'Apply' to generate a new report with the calculations.

    These fields will calculate values only for resource- and project-driven reports. Make sure to apply these before generating the report.

Reports >

Select Report Fields