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In Ganttic, anything or anyone that should be planned or booked in order to complete a project is a resource. That means that a resource can be Manny the designer, meeting room B12, production line 78, the green truck or the Macbook Pro. Even the office cat can be a resource if it seems that Carl from accounting seems to be petting him a wee bit too much, and you think it's time he learned sharing.

photo of a office worker

If you were to think of resource planning or project management like a Rubik's cube, a resource is the forces that get's the cube turning. Since resources can be different, they can also be grouped by different common features. The most typical force that turns Rubik's cubes is probably human resource. Nevertheless, the machinery can be pretty sturdy, too. If you are working for a global enterprise, the force can even be formed by a different type of resources connected by location.

resource planning is like solving a rubik's cube

Next, you will find detailed tutorials from Adding the Resources to History and Notes and everything that's in between.