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Adding resources is the first step to setting up your plan in Ganttic. It is the core feature that activates everything else in your planner.

Resources could be anything from your staff, vehicles, equipment, locations and more. From Ganttic's resources-first planning approach, you are able to see how work is distributed across your resources. This allows you to keep an eye of which resources might be overworked and which resources are free to take on more assignments.

To add a single resource:

  1. Click'+' above resource column
  2. Enter the title
  3. Click 'Save' upon completion
Adding resources to resource planner

  • The resource is now listed in the left column of the chart
To edit resource's details:
  1. Click on a title of a resource and the dialog box opens
  2. Add a custom data field by clicking on '+' or choose a value from existing data fields
  3. Click on pencil icon to edit existing data fields
  4. Click 'Save' upon completion

Resource location, skillset, department and other custom information