Resources > Filtering

Ganttic allows you to filter your tasks, projects and resources by title or any other custom data fields, enabling a quick and direct way to retrieve a filter’s information easily. Filters are available in charts and reports.

To filter your resources:

  1. Click on the filter search box on the top of your planner and type the name of resource
  2. Filter results will show up below. Select the resource you're looking for 
  3. Click 'Apply'

Resource filtering by skill, department, location, name etc

Your resource will show up in your planner and everything that doesn't have anything to do with it will be hidden.

To remove filters:

  1. Click on 'Filter' on the top of your planner
  2. In the dropdown dialog, click on the 'X' beside your filter and click 'Apply'
  3. In case of multiple filters hit 'Clear all'
Clear resource filtering

  • Hit 'Apply' upon completion
Apply filtering conditions