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The plans you made on are not restricted to the confines of Ganttic or your desktop computer. Ganttic has made it possible to synchronize your resources with Google Calendar. Allow instant convenience and seamless collaboration with just a click. This will make your projects run smoother and life easier for you and your team anytime, anywhere by being able to access resources’ schedules from their own devices.

Synchronizing resources and/or tasks with Google Calendar will help to manage your workers, remote employees, and other resources more effectively. It also keeps your staff members updated on current plans, as long as they use a Google Calendar app on Android or iOS.

A new event will appear automatically in Ganttic when you create it in Google Calendar. Similarly, a new task will appear automatically in Google Calender when you create it in Ganttic. Automatic syncing is working in both directions. Two-way sync works with task titles only. One-way sync means that if you add a project name, task custom field or notes related data in GCal it won't be exported to Ganttic but works vice versa.

The new version of Ganttic allows you to sync automatically without having the need to click on the 'Sync' button as you need to in the older version of Ganttic. In the new Ganttic, you will also have unlimited syncing.

To sync your resources to Google Calendar:

  1. Click on a title of a resource
  2. Click 'Sync' below the title
Create Google Calendar gantt chart with GCal sync

  1. Select what data you want to sync. Two-way sync (Task Title only) means that all changes regarding this data will come back to Ganttic. One-way means that it'll only go from Ganttic to GCal. For event title one-way sync, you can also choose if you want to export Task Custom Fields and /or Task Notes. For event description sync you can choose to export Task Custom Fields related data and Task Notes. Please note that regardless of sync type, changes to task dates and times are always two-way (Ganttic > GCal, GCal > Ganttic) if the sync is active.  
  2. Hit 'Apply settings'
Select how resource schedule will be synchronized

  • Hit 'Synchronize to Google Calendar'
Sync Google Calendar resources

Please note you must have administrators' rights to access these options. Google will ask you to grant Ganttic rights to access your calendar. Make sure you're logged in to your Google account. 

Give permissions to resource management software
  1. Click 'Allow' to agree
  2. Choose an existing calendar you would like to sync your resource to and click 'Start sync' or 'Create a new calendar' on-the-go

Select Google Calendar to sync with

  • Synced resources are marked with a green arrow-triangle

Google Calendar resources are marked in gantt chart

To deactivate the sync:
  1. Click 'Sync GCal (calendar title)'
  2. Click 'Stop synchronization to Google Calendar'

Stop syncing Google Calendar resources

  • Click 'OK' to confirm

Confirm that you want to stop synchronizing Google Calendar resources with gantt chart

Please note past resources and their data will be imported to Ganttic only for 1 month's period. Future entries are imported in their entirety.